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Author Kang Im
Artist Kang Im
Genre Webtoon, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Run Date 2011-present
Official Korean release Naver
English fan translation EGScans
Parts 2 (3 planned)
Episodes 218+
Episode List Episodes

Setting and SummaryEdit

TAL (Masks) takes place in modern-day Korea. Exploring the strange world and society of the chachaoongs, the story focuses on a group of chachaoongs who have gathered around the new king, Yu Jin, a high school student with no desire to accept his new responsibilities.

The chachaoongs and yongmas have existed alongside humans for many years. Human society is largely ignorant of their existence; however, chachaoongs are responsible for a great many urban legends and strange rumors that circulate in human society. 

As Jin is drawn deeper into the secret, and often violent, chachaoong community, he finds himself surrounded by a group of chachaoongs called Tals.  Jin struggles to continue to live his life as he always has while unrest in the chachaoong community frequently erupts into dramatic fights that endanger the lives of his new friends.

With the enigmatic Imae mask at his side, the secrets of Jin's past threaten to surface with each passing conflict. While he goes about business as usual, Jack, the first chachaoong king whose motivations are still unclear, is finally beginning to make his move.