David is Ella's Yongma. Like other Yongma, he tends to follow her around and can usually be seen lurking nearby wherever she may be.


Unlike other Yongma, David has a slightly more comical appearance that resembles a tall, ghostly clown dressed in a black coat and top hat. His body appears to be either non corporeal, or invisible as his white, gloved hands (when they're visible at all) do not seem to actually be connected  to his body. His face is painted white to resemble a clown or mime.  It could also be a mask but though its expression is usually a fixed smile, it will change to a frown when he is upset or confused. David does not have visible legs, but floats around like a ghost or spirit. His coat often appears as partially transparent toward the bottom as well.


His full range of abilities has yet to be revealed but he has been seen materializing and fighting with a deck of cards that functioned as both blades and explosives. Despite his apparent lack of a body, he was able to manipulate the cards with a great deal of dexterity and precision. Presumably, like Ella most of his attacks will resemble various types of magic tricks.

Like other Yongma, David appears incapable of speech but uses expressive--often frantic--pantomime to get his messages across to Ella.