Garam is a very young chachaoong who is affiliated with Bigak.

She is currently in the care of Gamunbi but it is unclear exactly how that came to be. She and Gabi are heavily reliant on him, frequently clinging to him when others are near. However, due to recent circumstances, he appears to not remember who they are.


Garam is a black-haired young girl who is always seen in white and gray traditional clothes and black pigtails. Her appearance is very similar to Gabi but it is unknown if they were twins.


Garam has a shy, quiet personality around others, though she is more lively when around Gamunbi. Like Gabi, she is usually very submissive and easily manipulated. She and Gabi are under orders to kill any of Bigak's group that tries to leave without permission, and are shown doing so without remorse.


They are puppeteers rather than trackers, but their tracking skills still exceed that of other chachaoong trackers.

Gabi and Garam appear to have the ability to turn corpses into some kind of puppet.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Almost nothing is known of Garam's history or backstory. At some point, she and Gabi joins Bigak's group and come under the care of Gamunbi, who is very much like a father to the two girls; they become completely distraught at his death. When Gamunbi kills himself, Gabi and Garam blame Eunyul and go out to find him against orders not to leave the base.

They attack Eunyul in the park, but are unable to kill him. Eunyul destroys their puppets, but hesitates over killing them since they are children. Before he can make up his mind, Ryuguheul shows up.  Before Bigak could show up, Eunyul retreated. Ryuguheul protects the girls from a minor explosion caused by Eunyul's retreat; however, they are killed a short time later by Bigak after they refuse to return to his base.

They are forced by Bigak to perform their corpse puppet technique on Leon while he is still alive. The result has not yet been revealed.