Heenari, along with her partner Garon, is one of the first chachaoongs to spot and attack Yu Jin in protest of his appointment as the next king of the chachaoongs.


1-1-04 unable to do anything

Heenari has dark brown eyes and long, yellow-green hair that she wears pulled back in a loose ponytail. She wears a white tank-top, a green tie attached to a stand-alone white collar, and a green plaid schoolgirl skirt with black legging shorts underneath. She also wears chunky brown trapezoid-shaped earrings.

She is often shown with a scowl on her face.


Heenari is typically shown as arrogant, bossy, and ill-tempered. She is usually found complaining about the new king.


Hinaari carries around daggers with which she uses to attack. However, she is also capable of slicing through the air at a longer distance, and is very agile.


Part 1 Season 1Edit

As they lounge about on a roadway bridge, Heenari and Garon gripe about the new king being a random kid and mention that several chachaoongs have already decided to reject him. Just as they decide that the king's candidate must die, Jin passes by below them. They both jump down and attack him.[1] Heenari's dagger only slices Jin's shoulder, even though she aimed for his neck. After Garon also fails to kill him, Heenari is incredulous when Jin temporarily powers up and knocks them both to the ground.[2] When Imae suddenly appears and announces that he will protect Jin, Heenari notes that he has been missing for two years, and suggests that he might be a fake. After Imae knocks out Garon, Heenari decides to retreat with Garon.[3]

Heenari and Garon later meet with a group of chachaoongs opposed to the next king, insisting to the doubters that Imae is alive. When the others come up with a plan to distract Imae in order to get him away from their target, Heenari tells them that she and Garon refuse to get involved because of the trauma they have already suffered.[4]


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