Juji is a lion-like, shape-shifting Tal. Though he does wear a mask, because he is an animal-like Tal, he is not considered one of the nine Tals but rather has the role of supporting the others. Originally there was a female counterpart but Imae revealed that the female is now gone. It is, as of yet, unclear exactly what happened to her.

Juji can be summoned via a sort of magic circle drawn on the ground but it is implied he has the ability to choose whether to answer a summons, rather than being forced to come whenever he is called. Aside from sheer size, strength and speed, it is unclear what the full extent of Juji's abilities may be. He can, however, shift into a smaller form to conserve energy when injured and, according to Imae, half his body is composed of "spiritual matter".

He seems to also have more than the normal intelligence for an animal and has a special fondness for Imae. It is unknown whether or not he is considered a chachaoong or something else entirely. He was originally summoned by Imae to rescue Yu Jin from Bigak's confrontation. He was injured during the encounter and was last seen residing with Jin and the other Tals at Jin's house.