Kim Mirinae is one of Yu Jin's extremely loud and expressive human friends. They are classmates and they both live in the same neighborhood. Mirinae is fascinated by the whole aspect of superhuman abilities and tries to share her love of it with Jin (who finds the whole idea to be ridiculous). She is very curious about the people who suddenly start living at Jin's house, as she often stops by for one reason or another, such as to go shopping or to walk together to school.


  • The "paranormal" events she reads about in the magazine are most likely human reports of chachaoong sightings.
  • Two of her scenes involve a background reference to Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle and another popular webtoon, Dr. Frost.
  • The author has stated that Mirinae and Jin do not even view each other as being of the opposite sex; despite the fact that they are good friends, there is apparently no romantic attraction at all.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Part 1 Season 1Edit

During school lunch time, Mirinae reads off a list of superhuman events from a magazine to an uninterested Yu Jin, becomes annoyed when he calls them all crap, and storms off.[1]

The next morning, Mirinae arrives at Jin's house to pick him up for school, and bangs loudly on the door. When he finally opens it, she begins to chastise him for not rushing to get ready, and then notices a man in a mask and a hanbok inside. Jin slams the door shut but reopens it when she threatens to break it down. She at first demands to know where the masked guy went, then notices Jin's injuries. He tells her that he plans to just sleep it off, so she tells him to give her a call if he needs anything, and leaves.[2]

Back at school, Mirinae continues to interrogate Jin about the man wearing a Hahoe mask at his house. She recalls seeing the masks in a textbook and grabs one from Jin's desk. When she finds the pages about the masks, Jin gets a strange expression and crushes the pages. He then snaps out of it and asks her what happened to his book.[3] Later, when they walk home together from school along with a classmate, Mirinae asks if he was mad when he tore up his textbook, because he had crazy eyes. Jin then tells his friends that he has to go, and runs off.[4]


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