Luka is a chachaoong who briefly appears twice in Part 1 of the story. He does no seem to have any allegiance to anyone and does not care about who will become the next king; however, he has stated that he refuses to become enemies with Imae.[1]


Luka has straight, spiky purple hair and matching purple eyes. He sports a pair of spider bite lip rings on the left side of his lower lip, and a barbell piercing above his left eyebrow. He wears a black and purple striped sweater, black pants with purple and black suspenders dangling at the sides, and black sneakers with purple laces. His left pant leg has a purple and black checker pattern at the cuff. He also wears a dark purple choker and what appears to be a black necklace.


1-1-15 kick attack

Luka seems to be the typical angry, silent emo. He has a short temper and would rather fight than to explain why he is angry about something. He does not hold back from fighting in public whether it is with someone who simply annoys him or someone who has done him wrong. He also does not seem to care about the destruction he causes when fighting.


Luka possesses a very powerful leg/kick attack that can also be used to deflect incoming attacks. He is able to knock a hole in the roof of an apartment and hop outside with very little effort.[2]


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Part 1 Season 1Edit

Luka is one of the chachoongs in attendance of the meeting in which they are plotting to get rid of the next king, Yu Jin. When Maru is discovered eavesdropping, Luka briefly engages him in a battle that partially destroys the apartment in which they were meeting.  Using powerful kicks as the foundations for his attacks, Luka is unable to defeat Maru, who quickly flees the scene. He then declares to the group that he is not interested in being a part of the plans being discussed and does not want to get on Imae Tal's bad side, and leaves the scene himself.[2][1]

Part 1 Season 2Edit

Luka reappears later when his necklace is stolen by a red-headed girl. While being pursued, she latches on to Maru, causing Luka to chase them both. It is revealed that he has a rather short temper due to the fact he refuses to explain the situation to the rather baffled Maru claiming that the entire thing is pissing him off. Maru manages to lead him away from the public and confront him.[3] Their fight is interrupted by Choraengi who manages to return the necklace to Luka, who then promptly leaves (after receiving a flyer for Choraengi's restaurant).[4][5]


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