This is a list of minor characters who have small roles in the story. Non-chachaoongs are listed in order of appearance.


1-1-01 classmate
This is one of Yu Jin's classmates who occasionally apears in scenes at school or on the way home from school.


Bellflower is Sae Ha's pet cow and companion.

Old manEdit


The old man is Choi's employer at the restaurant. He is a dedicated human chef who not only knows about the existance of chachaoongs, but also knows a great deal about Choi specifically. Though Cheoyong would erase a human's memory under normal circumstances, he quickly determined that the single-minded old man would not be a threat when, at their first meeting, the man simply asked him if he wanted to be a chef.

The old man had met Eunyul a while back, and is determined to make him into the world's best chef because his knife skills are so perfect.


1-2-66 Grandma

Grandma is the elderly woman who raised Yu Jin; her real name is unknown. She is only referred to a few times in the webtoon and appears in one flashback.[1] After the death of her son's family, she searches the mountain for her grandson, whose body was never recovered. She stumbles upon a chachaoong disguised as a baby, calls him "Yu Jin", and takes him home and raises him. She never seems aware that he is not her real grandson. Her death was likely natural (old age) and since she had no other living relatives, she left Yu Jin her house, where he continues to live.

Chachaoong extrasEdit

1-1-55-5 chachaoong extras

There are a number of chachaoongs who are extras, meaning that upon their introduction, they have little to do with the plot as a whole and are unnamed. The following are chachaoongs who are unnamed. (The only extra in this group who was given a name in the story is Luka.)

Extras who first appeared in Episode 15:

Appeared in Episode 18: Extra5

Extras who first appeared in Episode 55:


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